Day 1--Moving Day

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Ok, so it's not really Day 1. It's actually Day 4 of living in our new apartment for the next year. (I had to delete "my" when describing our new apartment.) I forget that I'm actually somewhat part of a "we" now.

This past Saturday, I decided to do the unthinkable -- I moved in with the B.F. Yes, I joined the "cohabitants club" and took a dive into the unknown with him. This all started over a year and half ago when I met him, hated him with a passion, and then started liking him, then thinking it would just be a summer fling that turned into the most normal (if that's possible) relationship I've had for the past year.

But, let's jump back to this Saturday and the moving part. Seriously, who likes moving? You have to pack shit up, organize, write on boxes and decide if you do or don't want to keep that pair of jeans that doesn't fit you -- but it will once you start working out! So we moved everything. I mean everything from his place, which was also my temporary storage for the past two weeks as well.

I'm going to define everything: TVs, dressers, shoes, a fucking entertainment system, couch, this ugly chair I'm trashing the first second I get, a dining room table, chairs, lamps, pots, pans -- you name it, just the two of us move it. After moving the fucking entertainment system from his place and then into the elevator, from the elevator to the truck, and from the truck inside our new place... I was pretty much done and my legs/arms/back was shot, which prompted the B.F. to make fun of me because I couldn't carry it. (FYI -- I try not to deadlift at all, let alone huge pieces of furniture).

We did all of this for about 6 hours, just the two of us with the normal cussing, "you are an idiot" kind of conversation, but I think we were both thrilled to be out of his one-bedroom that it didn't really matter at this point.

Our place is two-bedrooms, 2-baths and the best part -- I got to put all my stuff in the master bedroom. Yes, we have two bedrooms because I'm a clothes/shoe/accessory whore and have entirely too many things. Obviously we are sleeping together. Except for when I'm annoyed with him and want to slam a door. At that point, I know I will appreciate the two-bedroom idea!


Beeba said...

lol. love the 2 bed idea.
I kno it's late, I just stumbled on your blog and decided to go all the way back to the beginning. I love your blog btw:)