Growing pains

Monday, July 23, 2007
"How is it living with that boyfriend?"....I was only asked that about 12 times this past weekend at my friend Steph's wedding. I have to think about that question. How is it living with the B.F.? I don't know, because we actually haven't really been around that much since I moved in over a week ago. Well, I should say not around each other more than we were before we lived together. I had a wedding out of town and he had one even farther in Rhode Island. Our lives seem pretty separate, minus the fact that he's around telling me to clean up, shut cabinets ( I told you I don't shut them), or my favorite, "Allison, why are all these lights on?"

I need lights. Lots of light. The B.F. can watch TV with this one little light! I need more because I'm already blind! I went off on a tangent though.

And then a good friend Erin asked me the same question. I still don't know the answer. But as I sit here, watching him watch some stupid war movie, and ask me for the 400th time where to hang these pictures that are lying on our floor, I still don't think I'm any closer to an answer.