Thou shall not make popcorn

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
I pulled off a stunt like I've never done before. Forget that he's my B.F., I might be the worst roommate ever for this. I burned popcorn. Not only that, I turned the microwave super yellow as smoke was slowly releasing from the crevices of the microwave door. Burnt popcorn is the worst smell and the hardest to get rid of. We opened up the door, sprayed Febreze, put a fan in front of the door to blow the burnt smell out, nothing has worked -- not even 10 hours later.

Note to self: When cooking popcorn, make sure you know the size of the bag -- regular of single serving. If so, single serving will burn on the standard "popcorn" button and cause horrendous smells and make your B.F. want to kill you.


Katie said...

Way to go allison, you are finally finding your voice. this is the funniest blog entry yet

hot coffee girl said...

Love love love it.