Bull sh*t

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
According to my roommate, the B.F., I'm am "abrasively loud" in the morning. I'm so loud that he decided to refer to me as "some name the bull" from the hours of 6 -8 a.m--- I'm not up at 6 so probably from 7 - 8 a.m. I admit, I am kind of loud. It's not that I don't have respect for other people, it's just that there are lots of things to make noise with in the morning.

For instance, if he decides to sleep in later than me, I close the bathroom door when I'm getting ready, but then I get too hot from the hairdryer so I have to open it. Plus, I have this funny bathroom door that won't stay halfway shut. It either stays completely open or shut -- I can't leave it a little open because it opens itself the whole way, knocking into the cabinet door I have open....making a "knock" noise. Then, the "knock" noise sets him off and he has to point out how loud I am. (I believe at this point is when I become abrasively loud.) When I try and be quiet, something always goes wrong, like I drop my hair dryer or flat iron, knock into the wall or have the TV on too loud. I believe this is the point where we need to start adjusting to each other's behaviors... or he needs to learn how to become a hard sleeper.

We haven't received any noise complaints so I must not be that loud....or maybe everyone around me has bad hearing.


BF said...

Actually, it's more like a "bull in a china shop"