Caught in the Act

Monday, August 27, 2007
I had a very busy week and weekend -- we had the busy weekend with not one, but two freaking weddings! On Friday, we were at my friend from college's wedding along with all of my college friends. It's a great time to hang out and let the B.F. get to know my crazy friends and drink a lot of alcohol. We ended up in downtown Willoughby and continued to have a good time together. The B.F. decides to play this game of questioning who was the biggest whore, complainer, who was the messiest in college and so on -- you get the idea. It was quite fun and who doesn't love reminiscing about their drunken days of living off school loans and skipping class for "that movie you've seen a billion times on cable." I won for wearing the least amount of clothes -- I don't lounge around in sweatpants and a T-shirt -- bras and underwear work just fine and covers just as much as a bathing suit for those who are rolling their eyes. Anyway, so when my friends and him get together they always like to gang up on me, talk about my habits like twirling my hair, wearing no clothes and my picky eating habits. Low and behold come Saturday morning when he's hungover like a 17-year-old drinking Mad Dog for the first time, and he's eating my snack that I always make and get made fun of for making-- saltine crackers with jelly.

I know, I know -- most Saturdays are much more interesting, just not this past one!