Conversation. Period.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Times likes these are when I miss living with a bunch of girls or even one for that matter. Girls can talk about all sorts of things for hours and analyze it, switch it around and still make no sense of a subject. Girls talk about periods (yes we have them), food, comment on TV shows out loud as if the characters can hear us, scan magazines for the pictures and, finally, we talk about our period. I miss the days when I'd hang out in my living room in Kent and watch Laguna Beach with the girls before we'd head downtown and talk about the show when it was on. I mean, we'd have serious conversations about the show as it was happening and thought it was perfectly normal. I can't do that now. When I watch the Hills (I admit it), I can't comment out loud and complain how fake the edits look or talk about their outfits. The B.F. doesn't get it. He'd look at me strange and think I have lost it -- again. I have to pick up the phone, speed dial Katie L. and talk about the characters as if we were best friends with them, only during commercial breaks of course. (We've always done this and have accepted our obsession with reality TV. We had this routine all the through the dorms with Dawson's Creek, Temptation Island and American Idol.) But girls can't do this with their B.F./partner/flavor-of-the-week. They will think we are weird and most of all... they are scared of the word "period" and like to think it doesn't happen. If you have used it, you have learned your lesson. If not, you are in for one, they don't like to hear/think about it.


Erin said...

Katie's name finally made it in there! Wahoooooo

Katie said...

this is the one subject i agree with you whole heartedly i hate that guys think we should not act like reality tv has anything to do with our life! they wouldn't call it reality if they didn't think everyone went thru these same problems!!!!! p.s thanks for the reference i will back you up on laguna beach anyday!