Figuring out Holidays

Friday, August 31, 2007
I've never been good at sharing things. I have one brother and since we were always interested in different activities, I never really had to learn how to properly share. As I get older and cohabit with the B.F., I find that I need to "share" more often, especially when it comes to holidays and whose house we go to. This upcoming weekend is a small taste of what I will experience as bigger holidays approach like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm heading 45 minutes to on Saturday to hang out my B.F. and his family and go to a fair (more to come I'm sure). And then on Sunday, I will have to drive about an hour and 45 minutes back west to head to good ol' Amherst -- where I'm from. Since I'm supposed to be a "we" now, I don't have a problem splitting up this holiday, but as more important ones approach, I just don't know how I will split things between his family and mine. I have friends from high school to see, family members to visit and this overall routine I've had for years with my immediate family. How will I fit it all in? Is it wrong if you don't split holidays with your significant other and their family? Living together or not? And I thought moving in was a big step...


Beth said...

If you figure out how to share the holidays and have everyone happy about it, let me know... I hate it!

Karen said...

Yep, all part of the fun :)
My cousin and her husband alternate the major holidays every year- that is, this year Thanksgiving with his family and Christmas with hers and it reverses next year.
With my boss, for the non-formal get togethers, whose-ever family or friends are hosting decides whether or not the couple will go.

Allison M. said...

I find that parents always used me and my brother as the excuse as to why we had to go one place versus the other. That doesn't exactly work anymore that we are grown.

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