Furniture shopping

Tuesday, August 14, 2007
It's every girl's dream to furnish a new apartment with new couches, tables, decorative candles and cute little picture frames to fill with pics of her girlfriends. Now picture shopping trip with your boyfriend. The image changes a little bit, huh? The other couple we saw in ValueCity Furniture had it right, the boyfriend says to me, "Damn, he has a say? All I get to do is nod and say 'yes honey." It was pretty funny but the girlfriend didn't find it as funny as I did.

When I go shopping, the clothing/furniture/purse/shoes either catches my eye or it doesn't. The B.F. has to sit, lay, put his feet up and down then sit up again then do the whole routine from another angle. It's pretty interesting to witness. "Allison, I need to make sure it's comfortable."
Of course the furniture is going to be comfortable -- it's a floor model! Imagine how many people do the same exercises to test its comfort everyday! There's no explaining this to boys, they don't get it. The only thing I have to compare it to is how girls try on purses and need to put them on their shoulders and check themselves out. So while he's professionally testing two sets of couches in the showroom, I wander off and check out pictures, tall vases that would sit on the floor and other furniture while some candid camera was probably filming him "testing" the furniture.

After he slept with both sets of couches, we made the decision to get a couch/loveseat combination in cocoa in a microsuede material. Yes, finally! We agreed and I actually like this purchase and don't have to barter with "I'll paint the living room" or "Fine, get what you want but you owe me dinner at Lola." They will be in our living room in the beginning of September!


Katie said...

couldn't you of mentioned me a little bit? about the phone call we had? All i want is to be on the blog!