The parental visit

Wednesday, August 1, 2007
The B.F.'s parents aren't new to the cohabitation idea. His older brother was living in sin well before the B.F. took the plunge a couple weeks ago, so his mom's only hesitation was, "Well, what if you break up with her?" Our moms must think alike because that's the same response Jules (my mom) had. On a side note, I didn't tell my mom first. I actually pitched the idea to my dad to sort of talk things out loud with someone other than my closest friends and the B.F. He didn't really offer any objections to my idea -- he never really does. He listens and asks valuable questions and then offers his criticism if he has any, which he usually does, in constructive criticism kind of way. Then added something along the lines, "Allison, it's just living together. You either do or you don't. You are a smart girl, you'll figure it out." And figured it out I did.

I digress. After 2.5 weeks, the B.F.'s parents decided to be the first parental units to check out our new digs and take us out to dinner -- what more could we ask for! She bought us a table! This cute white bistro table for outside on our patio complete with 2 chairs. I'll probably be the only person to sit out there. I could blog, read or journal out there. He would probably smoke, which is a disgusting habit he does every once in awhile and I never ever miss an opportunity to point that out. He gave them a quick tour around the complex, showing them the club house and pool area which is a second away from our apartment. They didn't really have that much to say, except to comment on how the B.F. has to live with my less-than-perfectly-organized-room-and-bathroom.

He'll get over that part....eventually.