tips on grocery shopping with the B.F.

Monday, August 6, 2007
I had my first grocery shopping trip with the B.F. I had gone before by myself so that I could buy all the healthy, organic and high-fructose free food. After my visit, I realized that there are things girls should know before going on that trip with the B.F. I made mistakes and now will learn from them.

1) Don't try to make your B.F. eat bread with "sprigs, twigs and nuts" in it.
Who doesn't remember when the crazy "carbs are the devil" diets came out? Well, I wasn't really part of that, but did watch what carbs I ate -- I eat whole wheat pasta and bread, minus the Saltine crackers. Since I've switched from cancer (white pasta) to whole wheat, I hardly miss that old stuff and am glad I made the switch. I rarely eat bread except for sandwiches and the B.F. likes plain, white bread with certain turkey and cheese. Gross, I won't eat it. So when I say last night, "I think I'm going to run to Trader Joe's tonight, write down anything specific you want." He immediately wants to go with so I don't buy that "hard-as-rock-bread or turkey meat when he want beef tacos."

Editor's Note: Lean ground turkey breast is a great and flavorful substitute for ground beef.

2) Boys grab everything from the shelves because "it doesn't go bad."
Because of crazy work hours and not being domestic, we eat out probably 2 times a week. I might be meeting friends or past co-workers so it's a great way for me to continue my habit of not cooking. Plus, who wants to cook on the weekends! That's what going out to eat is for! But when I do plan on saving some extra cash, I like to plan out my meals ahead of time so that I won't be tempted to hit Heinen's for premade food after working out or working late. He picks out veggie chips (I like), salt and vinegar chips and something else too. Do we really need that? No, we don't but "it doesn't go bad." That's the same response I got when he picked up frozen shrimp, crab cakes and salmon.

Editor's Note: I checked with a fellow cohabitant and she said her B.F. does the same thing. He gets Doritos, cookies and all other types of food that she doesn't eat either.

3) Cereal or my saltine crackers with peanut butter and jelly is a meal/snack.
I don't need a full meal all the time and sometimes cereal counts as a meal to me. I like Kashi Go Lean Crunch and he doesn't which is fine because I'll eat it all anyway. After the chip incident, he throws in Organic round peanut butter crackers.
Me -- "We don't need that."
B.F. -- "Look, you do your little thing with Saltine crackers and jelly, and this is my snack because I just reach in and it's already there. You take entirely too long to prepare your snacks and I don't do that with mine."
This makes perfect sense because I've read a Men's Health or two. The B.F. gets it and you should see what they show as meals -- throw anything together and you have a manly meal.

Instead of trying to turn our B.F.'s into healthy, conscious eaters, just let them go and eat their prepackaged snacks and their ground beef tacos, but throw in some organic soft tacos instead of the hard ones! He'll never notice the difference if you had the packaging!