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Saturday, August 4, 2007
I keep referring to everything as "mine" or "his" when I talk about anything regarding the apartment. The B.F. does the same thing so I don't feel that bad. For instance, when he describes how I apparently leave a glass here or there as, "why do you leave glasses all over my
living room?" Funny how other half of the rent comes from that girl that's leaving glasses all over your living room. Even when my friends want details about the apartment, I'll say, "Well I'm now living on the first floor" or "My apartment has this really nice pool with a fountain." My friends will even point it out, too. "Allison, you mean, our apartment has a really nice pool." "Oh no, it's mine, all my apartment."

I was talking to a friend about the these pronouns the other day and how the B.F. and I should create a rule. An "our stuff/things/info" kind of rule. You see, the B.F. and I not only live together, but work together at the same agency. At this point, you are probably thinking, "Allison you are flipping crazy!" I know, I know but it's not that difficult or odd because we are one of several couples at work. We don't interact during the work day unless we need to because we are in different departments. We don't even talk that much because we are so busy and because if I want to say something I can walk right by his office.

So any little funny things that I do like burn popcorn, say something stupid or just something he's found out that he finds annoying, he decides to share it with our co-workers. OK, no -- don't do that. Now, this "our stuff/things/info" rule would allow one of us to shout it out and then he or I (mostly he) can't repeat what happened to anyone -- especially to the damn co-workers.

However, I think it shouldn't apply to this blog-- I'd lose all my material!


Phil said...

Obviously, the easiest way to keep things straight is to just attach a small label to everything that's yours and similarly for the B.F.

Thus, your living room would be filled with objects with, say, little itty-bitty pink and green tags attached.

Kate said...

so i just found your blog randomly, after googling moving in together. I am starting at the beginning and reading on cause i really like the way you write. I'm finding similarties in the fact that, i am about to move in with my BF and we work together lol. A great read so far. Thanks for a good blog, i will for sure link it to mine @