19 minutes and it's clean!

Thursday, September 27, 2007
This title caught my eye today as I scanned CNN headlines, "Clean your home in 19 minutes." Holy shit, even I can do that! A million ideas cross through my head -- this will eliminate meaningless fights with the B.F. and help me with tidy up while I'm watching reruns of Law & Order or reality shows on VH1.

As I read on a little further, I see that it is a 19-minute daily routine. OK, I maybe can keep up for a week or two, but I'd probably lose interest. Scrub the toilet, use a squeegee on the shower door -- I'd rather be at happy hour.

However, these are some tips that I think most girls could use, especially me all the freaking time.

Bedroom, 6 ½ minutes daily
  • Make your bed right before or after your morning shower. A neat bed will inspire you to deal with other messes immediately. Although smoothing sheets and plumping pillows might not seen like a high priority as you're rushing to work, the payoff comes at the end of the day, when you slip back under the unruffled covers.
  • Make the bed (two minutes).
  • Fold or hang clothing and put away jewelry (four minutes).
  • • Straighten out the night-table surface (30 seconds

Still, this is a great way to avoid petty arguments about who did or didn't leave their wine glass in the living room.


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