And the decorating begins

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
It's been quite awhile and the couches are almost set to arrive -- this Friday is the big day. No, I am not sitting at the apartment waiting for the delivery men because that is the B.F.'s job. I'm sure he'll want to move it this way, then tilt it that way or maybe decide to move the entire living room around. We've been in the place since mid-June and haven't really made decorating a priority. Last night as we were eating dinner and he suggested we maybe, maybe, go look at other furniture for the place. And by "furniture," he is really saying, "Allison, let's go check out LCD TVs at BestBuy." That, is what he is really saying, without actually saying it -- guyspeak for you.

We need a whole room of new things -- coffee table, end table and some lamps. I really want to paint a wall, which I'm going to, as soon as the B.F. leaves for a day or more. We have this ongoing tiff about painting or not painting the walls. In my previous apartment, my roommate and I painted everything -- the living room, kitchen and our bedrooms. It was one long ass task painting over it to secure a full security deposit refund. So the fact that he doesn't encourage my painting, makes me want to paint that much more. Then, I want to buy a pretty big picture to hang on that wall as the main focus of the room, then toss out the black entertainment center.