The dilemma

Friday, September 21, 2007
Let me start off by writing that I've never said I was the best communicator. I'm sure studies will reveal that women, in general, are better communicators but that doesn't necessarily mean that I am -- well, at least not all the time.

The couches arrived on Wednesday. I was so excited to rush home after work to see what these fantastic new pieces of furniture looked like in the living room. The B.F. had sent me some pics via the cell phone, so I had some of idea of what I was walking into. Well, that vision...that vision that I had in my head wasn't what I saw.

I should back up even further. I've been pretty easily annoyed this week. Anyone and anything can set me off, but I've really taken it out of the B.F. If I wouldn't have had to get rid of my cat, I would take it out on Captain Jack, but since the B.F.'s allergic.....I had to give him up to the 'rents and into kitty retirement.

So back to the couches -- I was easily annoyed and when I walked into the living room to see these great pieces of furniture, all I see is big brown pieces. I mean, the couches are freaking huge in the apartment. I looked around at the set up for a split second and because I don't have a filter I blurt out, "I don't like it, " and walked into my room to quickly change so we could go look for more "furniture" at some warehouse downtown. "Furniture shopping" actually turned into dinner at Lolita, which I love and he doesn't, and the surprise was overshadowed by our arguing over the stupid couches.

B.F.-- What do you mean you don't like it?
Me -- I don't like it. It's too huge. I knew it would be too huge.
B.F. --Allison, you knew the furniture was going to be big. We have an odd shaped room and everything is going to be big.
Me -- Whatever. Maybe we should've gotten the I twirl my hair.

Then I start to move around the loveseat to angle it or do something to make me more satisfied with the purchase that took us a month to receive. At this point, I've annoyed the B.F. because I'm "complaining" and not providing a solution.

Boys, take notice, I'm about to teach you something about girls that will make your life a hell of a lot easier. Kind of like how Jeff did with the word "nothing." Like most girls, I just wanted to express what I was thinking. I just wanted to blurt out "I don't like it" and I don't need you to "fix" the problem. I'll get over it, but at that particular moment, I needed to verbalize what I was feeling. I have gotten over it, but I just needed to say it out loud so I could get used to the fact that I'm going to have to squeeze around my living room with the oversize furniture. But, I'm OK now, and I like the nice microsuede couches and all is great with the B.F. -- at least until we attempt to buy more furniture!


Anonymous said...

Ally, I like this blog. I can relate to the furniture sitch. I mean, I don’t dislike anything in the apt. well maybe the couch (rock) in the living room, but I get annoyed at furniture/decorating too. My big thing was art work. I desperately wanted more art on the wall, and we just couldn’t decide on anything. So I finally buy these two paintings that I love and after we hung them, I wasn’t thrilled. It was too much energy to take down and keep looking so they will just have to do!

Jordan said...

Your writing is comical. I like it.

Xina1019 said...

Allison! I'm so sorry about the couches. This reminds me of when I lost sleep before Phil moved in because I was freaked out that his overstuffed bachelor couches would have to be assimilated into MY living room...And then the god-saving Man Room was born (basement)! These days I'm on those couches all the time and my Arhaus couch in the living room has turned into a glorified dog bed for Zippy (but at least it looks pretty!).