furniture --- almost

Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Tomorrow is my big day! No, not that kind of big day with a white dress, but a day where we finally get our new couches. We've been waiting for about a month between our set being on back order and not being able to work with ValueCity -- seriously, you should be on call, not the people who bought the furniture.

Wednesday also starts our second round of looking for furniture that matches both of our tastes -- should be an interesting trip. The B.F. wants to go look at this place downtown Cleveland by where he used to work. As any typical female, I want the the name of the place so I can search the internet and ask friends if they have been to this furniture store before. Nope, I can't do that because the B.F. doesn't remember. His response, "Allison, I don't know the name. It's right where I used to work. I just know where it is." I'm hoping it's the Arhaus outlet and not some scary warehouse.


Narm said...

He probably wants to go to that place to protect himself from being stuck somewhere overly girly. All guys have been tricked into going to Bath and Body Works enough times to build a self-defense against unknown shopping destinations.

Allison M. said...

Actually, the "warehouse" turned out to be dinner at Lolita. I love that place, he doesn't, but he "surprised" me with that. I knew something was up -- just last week he was asking if I like Lola or Lolita better. You guys aren't that smooth.