Romance will catch on fire.

Thursday, September 6, 2007
While I was pondering moving in the with the B.F., I made a list or five of positives and negatives of moving in with him. I kept wondering how being in such a close space would change our relationship. Would we not like each other anymore? Would we still enjoy hanging out together and going out to eat? And, most importantly, what about the sex? For instance, in order for the romance to go away, one needs to be romantic in the first place -- I'm not and this is pointed out by the B.F. on several occasions. Last night, he tells me he wants a chimnea for our small patio, possibly for his birthday coming up in October. My parents have one on our ridiculously large deck. In high school after football games, we'd hang out there and try to drink until my parents would come out and sit with us. I believe my brother broke one of them and my dad had to replace it. My rambling point is that my parents use there's a lot and our fireplace in the winter. The B.F. said he wanted one, but I don't see us using it at all because A) we are never home B) we are never home and C) it's a very small patio. And, I agree, sitting by a fire is somewhat romantic if you are in Aspen, outside in the snow and drinking lattes or vodka martinis. But, there is an abundant of room when you are outside in the snow in Aspen, not on a small patio in Ohio where you could possibly get evicted for having such a "fire arm." Maybe a new Coach wallet will work nicely instead.


Anonymous said...

I gave my husbang a nice Coach wallet one year - he said it was too big. So I sent him back to the Coach store on his own to exchange it. He almost had a heart attack when he realized how much I had spent on it ... but he had it for 15 years. I fianlly just replaced it.

Anyway - I vote for the fireplace!

hot coffee girl said...

You could get the coach wallet and set it on fire.

Wait. That would be bad.

Get the fireplace. The heart wants what the heart wants. We could probably fit it in the Volvo if you want to go pick it up.

Anonymous said...

If you love your person you'll see the positives!

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