The B.F.'s Birthday

Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Today the B.F. turns 28. I am excited for him. He is not that excited. I don't think he's really the birthday-celebrating-look-at-me-all-week-type. Sorry about his luck, but I am exactly that girl and extend a day into a week long celebration. Last year, my friends Amber and Erin threw me a surprise birthday party on Friday, my actual real birthday, the night before I went out with people from work for a party and then on Saturday I think we did something that surrounded my day of birth -- I can't remember what it is right this moment.

In preparation of his birthday, I would make mental notes of things I could give him for the big 2-8. I was thinking a Coach wallet, a great pair of designer jeans, a watch or an iPod. But, then he says, "Please don't spend a lot of money of me." OK, well that throws a wrench in my fabulous ideas. That's fine, I'll switch to plan B. Plan B is always clothes -- you can't go wrong with clothes. Besides, he is kind of metro with his and hair and all, so I go to a very metro store -- Express.

Let me vent about Express for a minute. I feel like they try and have a boutique atmosphere with crazy prices for unoriginal clothes. I can go to H&M or Forever 21 and find similar clothes at a much better price. At other boutiques, you actually can find clothes that not many people will have. I have this great Project E shirt from Lush Boutique that I haven't seen on anyone else. Granted, I know I'm not the only person who has it, but the fact that I don't see it on tweens makes me smile. And, considering most of Express clothing is so trendy, I'd rather spend $19.50 on a sparkly tank top rather than $39.50 and not wear it next year because the disco ball look is out. (Was it ever actually in though?)

Back to the B.F. --- I swing into Express at Crocker Park and pick up two button down shirts that double for both work and play. One is a light purple and the other is white with a brown ace design on it. I check out the ties but I got a great deal on the shirts, so I decide not to throw down $49.50 on a stupid tie. I run over to Filene's Basement by me and pick up a gold tie. OK, I'll admit, it looked cool at the time but I'm not too keen on it right now.

The boy doesn't really like any of it! None of it! Now, if I were a girl who had feelings, I would be offended and probably not talk to him for several days or even a week. But, lucky for him, I'm not that girl. I know he's picky and that he will probably not like anything I get him, but hey, at least I continue to try.

After I handed him all of this gifts (I don't wrap), I whipped out the receipts so he didn't have to come up with a nice way of saying, "Uh, ah, eh, thanks for trying to buy me something."


Narm said...

May I suggest a back rub?

Even if he returns the shirts he will more than likely just get something different - atleast you tried to guess and if nothing else it turned out to be a gift card with buttons.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I think I am that girl who would be upset if he didn't like my gifts. But I think Narm is right...give that ungrateful one a back rub and call it a day! Or do what your friend Erin does on Thursdays and Sundays...