girls' night out

Monday, October 29, 2007
As girls, we need more of these. Even if we aren't in a relationship or shacking up, it's something that girls need to do at least once a month. I'm always with my B.F. I see him at work, after work, when I go to bed and when I wake up. It's easy to do the same things every weekend, so we, as couples, need to shake things up, go out with the girls, turn off the phone and if you cheat, make sure not to take pictures and use protection.

We were celebrating two friend's 25th birthdays (Katie and Katie), complete with crowns, flowers and balloons and drinks at local area bars. (That was Erin's idea-- not mine, but they made me do it on mine so we returned the favor to them.)

Here are my top 6 reasons to not ruin your friendships with your girls when you get in a relationship:
1)You never know when you will need good drinking buddies.
2)Even though you still don't live with them, you can still secretly steal clothes, shoes and even Halloween costumes that they'll eventually forget about.
3)Driving drunk is irresponsible -- hello Britney, Paris and Lindsey! If they had friends or half a brain, they wouldn't do those things either.
4) They answer the most important question, "Are these jeans too tight?"
5) They answer other important questions like, "Do I look like a hooker?, Is there something in my teeth? and Is that guy fuckable?" (Jeff feel free to counter my points now.)
6) Who will listen to you talk about the latest Grey's Anatomy drama?

Now you try. It doesn't have to be 5 reasons, it can one, two or 23.


Anonymous said...

1) Who else will you complain about the BF to?? Friends listen and WANT to help.

2) You can be the most relaxed when with your pals (read: walk around in your underwear and not have to fend off a horny guy).

Karen said...

1)they've always got your back

I was going to add more, but it al seems to fall under that.