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Sunday, October 14, 2007
The B.F. just got a new iPod for his big 28th birthday. He makes it a point to constantly rub it into my face that his iPod classic is better than my 30GB video/picture slim version iPod. He's new in general to technology and gets mad when I know more than him. During college, I worked at Best Buy for about two years and learned so much about computers, phones (which I sold), TVs and all other electrical equipment. Guys like him would come in all the time and try to talk their technical jargon, then I would have to politely insult their intelligence and sell them more gadgets than they needed...just because I could.

From this iPod purchase, I've learned of his eclectic music tastes. He has been downloading album artwork for all 2,000 of his songs and has been playing me a preview of all of them (I haven't asked for a single one). He tells me that one of his favorite songs of all times is "Lady in Red." The first thing that comes to mind is American Psycho with hot Christian Bale.

This morning as I was getting ready to run off to Brio, he says out loud "Ooohhh Bridget Jones' Diary."
Me -- "Oooooh Bridget Jones' Diary???"
B.F. -- "Allison, I know it's hard to believe but there were other girls that came before you, and they made me watch sappy movies like this one."

Guess you learn something new every day about your significant other.


Narm said...

PLEASE tell me I am allowed to bring this up at the lunch table.

Jason said...

Ummm... he wants you to THINK other girls forced him to watch it. You know he was sitting at home alone with a big bowl of ice cream and his hair in curlers

Allison M. said...

You know, I'm not one to force boys to watching girly films like Bridget Jones' Diary or the Notebook. No guy in their right mind watches The Notebook because if you do, you will realize that you have to pick up the slack to be like Noah.

michelle v said...

You worked at Best Buy???

hot coffee girl said...

Oh god. This is beautiful.