Vacation -- for both of us

Monday, October 8, 2007
A great thing about my job and the B.F's is that we get to travel sporadically throughout the year. This week, the B.F. is off in L.A. for job training with a client. I'm incredibly jealous because L.A. is a place I should go. I would appreciate the shopping, culture, celebrities, beach and scene, but he won't. He hates, absolutely hates, W.6th in Cleveland, but I guarantee he'd go out to LAX or Les Deux just to spite me. That... makes me jealous. And, oh how I could continue to rack up my credit cards on S. Robertson Blvd. if only I were there.

However, now that I'm alone until Friday, I'm able to do those secret behavior things that I hide when he's around. I can watch all my guilty pleasure shows without hearing some smart ass response from him like, "Allison, you are way out of MTV's demographic to be watching that."

Plus, I can watch all my shows live instead of replaying when he's not around. Although I do make him watch Grey's Anatomy because he doesn't complain too much when that's on. If I have to watch something on the discovery channel about fire ants, you better believe I'm making you watch doctor drama in the E.R.

I can even paint the living room/dining room whatever color I want because he's not around. I'm heavily considering painting just 2 walls in our apartment without him. He thinks I'll ruin the furniture or get it "all over the ceiling" like I did in my old place. OK-- that was an accident and I'll be much more careful this time around. I'm just wondering if I'm asking for a big fucking fight if I whip out my paint brush and pull a DaVinci on the living space. It's just a standard warm, beige color. Good or bad idea? You be the judge.


Anonymous said...

So I was thinking a little more about this...what if you prepped the room, bought the paint and had it all ready when he returns home? That way he won't be mad at you for painting without him. And he will have no choice but to follow through and will WANT to paint since you (patiently) waited out of respect (ha!).