Blocked out

Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Hi. Hello. I'm talking to you. Seriously. I know you can hear me. Stop ignoring me, the TV isn't on that loud.

My B.F. has impressive skills at blocking everything out when the TV is on. If you are wondering, this isn't something I just noticed. However, I can reach my breaking point of him pretending I'm not even in the room.

It must be a guy thing. It must. I'm stunned by this skill.

He can literally watch Seinfeld through me asking questions, slamming cabinets in the kitchen and listening to music in the same room and will only turn to me during commercials. "What'd you just say," will be his question after I've asked him three or four questions with no response. Not even so much as a look my way. He's just focused on George and Elaine when he's trying to steal one of her sponge's. It's like he's watching TV in the middle of an empty apartment.

How is it that boys can block the entire world out when they are watching TV? Not even just sports, but everything imaginable on TV. I can't. When he's bothering me with some question, I have to stop live TV and listen to what he's saying. If I don't, I'll completely miss what's happening on Law & Order: SVU. Not the B.F. though. He will laugh at the jokes on TV while I'm asking him something or telling him a story.

It's not even that he hears me and doesn't want to respond or he'll respond when the commercials come on. I'm talking directly to him and he doesn't even know I'm in the room and genuinely looks at me in surprise that I'm even standing there. I feel like he's thinking, "Well, where'd you come from?" He truly had no idea what just happened in the last six minutes.

And, I don't buy the whole ...."he's not listening to you because all girls do is nag." No. I'm not nagging. Sometimes I just want to what we are doing this weekend, or what his plans or for tomorrow or how he feels about Barack Obama for this presidential election. I'm not interrupting the Family Guy by asking "how big my butt looks in these jeans." I'm not. Nope, not doing that.

Maybe he needs to teach me this wonderful skill.


Andy said...

Read this : "Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps" by Barbara Pease. It will solve ALL of your doubts.