Food coma -- all weekend long

Sunday, November 25, 2007
I've been on this weight loss kick for the past two weeks, and I think I pretty much gained that seven pounds I lost back on in the last four days. But, I have better news. I lived through my busiest Thanksgiving yet. I drove clear across Northeast Ohio on Thursday. From Youngstown to my small hometown of Amherst, I drove to eat not one, not two but three meals throughout the day. I more or less really ate only one full meal, then picked at the other houses because I just wanted to try specific foods here and there. I met some new people through the B.F. and experienced Thanksgiving eve with the city of Youngstown. I missed my friends. I kept wondering what I was missing out on, but it turns out I didn't miss as much excitement as I thought. My friend's either didn't make it home or headed downtown Cleveland. However, when I was back in the sandstone capital of the world, I caught up with some high school friends and had a blast at a local bar.

Here's a recap of my long weekend. It's funny how when families and friends get together they have the oddest, most off the wall conversations. Below is just skimming the surface of conversations with new friends and family.

-shooting squirrels (no, really)
-catholic religion
-shooting squirrels with a 22 caliber to keep your entire neighborhood happy and free of them
-deer eating swiss chard in the garden down to the roots and how using netting as a scare tactic doesn't keep the deer away
-tall boots
-reminscing of growing up in the late 60's early 70's (including marijuana, uppers and downers and mixing them (and still be alive to tell the story)
-explaining a blog
-my cat and how he sleeps, walks and likes to go outside -- he is proof that there is such a thing as a cool cat
-upcoming family reunion
-law school
-air traffic controllers
-dart games