Hazards of painting

Monday, November 19, 2007
A co-worker just forwarded me this link through CNN -- Moving in together could be hazardous to your relationship. This quick read provides great insight on avoiding the small arguments, getting out before you see the red flags and deciding who wears the pants when.

You know what it doesn't tell me? How to merge our decorating tastes? Now that can be hazardous to my health.

We've been in our new place since June and I've been all about painting since day 1. I'll admit it. I let it slip my from list of 345,333 things to do, but now I'm shifting it to my top 34,000 things to do. We headed to our local Home Depot and Sherwin Williams to pick out neutral, warm and rich colors of beige. Doesn't sound too complicated now does it? Well, I want a more rich color of beige, something that has a tint of orange, red or brown, but not the stuffy, cold color of beige. After searching through the paint swatches, we picked out 4 and headed home to decide after we compared them in the light of our own place. That, my friends, was something like two months ago. The swatches are still hanging underneath a picture because we haven't agreed, and to be completely honest, it shifted to my longer list of things to do.

The B.F. said I can pick the color as long as it's not bright and "fleshy." Yes, I won! But on a serious note, does a rich beige-ish color sound fleshy to you? Nope. I don't think so. But I didn't want to make a quick decision, pick my color, paint it and then listen to him give people the tour of our apartment saying, "Oh yeah, Allison picked out that fleshy color." So, I'm going to make my decision in the next week or so, and I need some suggestions from expert painters. Can anyone suggest a neutral, non-fleshy tone?


xina1019 said...

Allison, try wickerwork from Sherwin. Yes, I know the name is queer, but it's a cappucino color that I used in my living room and upstairs hallway.

Steve Nickse said...

Just tell him he can change it again in 6 months,that way you will get your flesh color and it will be on the walls forever.

Allison M. said...

It's really not a flesh-toned color though. It's a warm beige. Maybe he's color blind?