I need a clone

Sunday, November 18, 2007
With the holidays approaching fast, couples have to make important decisions about splitting their time between multiple family gatherings. We both are from Ohio and have families within 45 minutes of our place, just in opposite directions. Neither of us have made our final decision as to whether we are staying together for Thanksgiving or splitting up. A week or two back, I was dead set on heading west to spend time with my family and friends. It's my tradition. I'm close with my high school friends and this is one major time during the year where we all meet up the night before Thanksgiving. Not only is it the biggest night for drinking, it's also the night of 1,000 stars if you are from Amherst -- if you are anyone, you are out downtown.

It's hard to decide who is more important. I've never split holidays with a B.F. before so I'm new at this game. (Is there a rule book for this?) Plus, I only see these people, including my extended family, a couple times a year. Does that make me a selfish, inconsiderate G.F? I don't really think so, but I bet the B.F. would disagree with me. I do really want to be in both places at the same but my time machine is broken at the moment -- go figure.

We had a little conversation about it the other day. I was hinting around at his plans to see if he knew what time his family was eating. And, secretly hoping to gain an idea of how he was feeling about my unwillingness to compromise.

Editor's note: I'll admit it. I'm not really used to sharing. I grew up with a brother and we had completely separate toys with a stay-at-home mom. She did everything for us.

Back to our conversation......Then, it somehow turned into, "Well if I come to your place for Thanksgiving, you are coming to mine for Christmas." I'm thinking to myself, "no, no, no, this isn't going to work. I'm always with my family for Christmas."

So my brilliant answer is, "I'll give you Easter."
Think about it. Who really likes Easter? The food isn't anything great, and my family gave up church years ago so we go to dinner at Blake's in Crocker Park. Colored hard-boiled eggs? Boring. Lamb. Not a fan. I thought it was an offer he couldn't refuse, but he just rolled his eyes at me and said, "You just aren't getting it. "

I guess I'm not.


CoaC Fan said...

You think you've got a dilemma? Just be fortunate you don't have divorced parents on each side of your relationship, thus obligating you to four places to go for the holidays.

At the end of the day, the BF needs to acquiesce to whatever you want to do. The woman usually wins in this case. You're the one with the boobs and other fun stuff that he'll want to maintain access to.

But you need to be open to compromises such as doing a Thanksgiving dinner at his parents' place a couple days after the real day.

Allison M. said...

I'm throwing in the towel on my night out with my friends, who will be home all weekend, to eat a partial dinner with his parents. Then, I'll drive back to where I grew up to mingle with my mom's side of the family.

You are right. I've only had to split with two sides my family -- couldn't imagine splitting it 4x.

Karen said...

my college friends and I have always had a December pre- Christmas get together. Almost all are married with kids now and it's become child's December birthday- post christmas get together; but we manage.
The holiday just about always come down to a joint compromise.
My cousin and her hubby have always split the holidays. this year, it's his family for Turkey day, and ours for santa day-
next year it switches.

and yes- both my beau and i have divorced parents. the 'eves' of holidays get involved, as do the evenings of holidays some times.

Karen said...

But if you get that clone idea figured out, I'll buy!!