Interview with another cohabitator

Thursday, November 15, 2007
Let me introduce you to another cohabitator. She is a friend from college who gave up Cleveland's great weather to move to Texas to live with her B.F. I just saw this past weekend for the first time since she moved. With our night out fresh in my mind, I thought it was a great time to interview her and understand what it's like to pick and move across the country for a guy..or girl.

How long have you been dating/living with your boyfriend?
I have been living with the boyfriend for 4 months.

Why did you move in with him?
I moved because I lived across the country and I was sick of flying every other weekend to come see him. It was too hard and artificial and we needed/wanted to be together more often.

Editor's note: She moved from Cleveland to Austin.

Name an adjustment both of you needed to make and how you have solved it -- or haven't.
A lot of adjustments—He had to concentrate on something other than work and learn to be not so selfish anymore. I had to learn how to adjust in a new city- with no friends or family, and still not be too dependent on him.

What would your B.F. say is the hardest part living with you?
He would say the hardest part is feeling like all his attention has to go on me because I am new to this environment and don’t have anyone else

What is the hardest part of living with the B.F.
Hardest part is the long work hours; his job is very important and unexpected, being on call all the time. Dealing with the nurses that hit on him haha

Editor's note: Her B.F. is a surgeon.

How do you decide who does what? Who cleans/cooks/takes out the trash/household chores in general.
We don’t really decide- we do both really. I get home earlier than him 99 percent of the time so it’s easier for me to clean or cook than him but he still contributes a lot. If we both worked normal jobs I think we would split it equally. I can’t stand messy/unorganized things so I wind up cleaning more just because I need to have it my own way.