Yearly arguments

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
I did it. I met him halfway in our disagreement over the holidays. I'm heading east with him to his family's home tonight and half of tomorrow. I'll then drive solo to my family's house to spend the rest of Thanksgiving day with them. There, that wasn't so hard.

Isn't it funny how much stress the holidays can bring on you and your relationship? Maybe it's more self-inflicted than really brought on us, but still, there's stress there.

Growing up, if you didn't speak up in my family, you probably weren't heard and I think that's why my family yells all the time. I have to constantly to remind them, in a nice, yet smart-ass way, "Um, guys, we are all in the same room. You don't need to yell. I can hear you."

Plus, there's always the explanation of my job. I've accepted that people outside of public relations don't understand it. It's fine. I get it. Sometimes, I even say I'm in advertising just to prevent the onslaught of questioning about PR.
Any random family member: "You do what again? Oh, so you are a publicist." "Wait, but where's your name? Are you sure you wrote this?"

See why just replying with "advertising" is easier?

Although, I'm looking forward to a break from e-mail, beeping messages and meeting notices. I'll take some family fighting any day.