Hide the presents

Sunday, December 9, 2007
I'm terrible at surprises. I like and hate to be surprised at the same time. Last year, my friends pulled off the greatest surprise party -- I was fooled. I was completely surprised. And, let me tell you how many lies they must've had going to get it past me. They were so impressed with themselves that they were that great of liars for a month or so. Should I be concerned?

Anywho, I'm a snoop. Even as a child, I would search through my parents' closet for my birthday gifts. One year, I specifically remember finding a Barbie doll and She-Ra dolls I wanted -- I acted completely surprised of course. What can I say? I just wanted to know what I was getting. This, leads me to present day. I'm still a snoop.

Since the B.F. and I are living together now, he's going to have get creative with hiding and wrapping presents so I can't peek into them. He already made his first mistake. He showed me a box from Saks -- more or less teasing with me it. Jackass. Don't you know that fuels my fire even more now? I'd recognize that wrapping even when I'm blind with thick glasses and I'm 90--who can resist the snowflakes with the red bows.

Only 15 more days -- I can't wait. I'll try not ruin it this year. Really.


Sparkling Red said...

I'm the opposite. I can't stand keeping gifts from people once I've bought them. Last year I gave my husband his birthday gift as soon as the box came in the mail - a week early. This year I've kept control so far, but I can't make any promises.