Hot in here

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
In our apartment, the fact that it's extremely below normally cold in the master bedroom is my biggest complaint. It's our biggest fight. I'm all about it being cooler in the apartment. However, when my hands are ice cold because it's 59 degrees in the bedroom, I think that qualifies as a little more than ridiculous.

(Editor's Note: It took me a lot longer to figure out that the master will be colder than the rest of the apartment because it's farthest away from the heater. I kept jacking up the heat hoping to push it back to the bedroom.)

So, in efforts to keep me away from the thermostat, the B.F. posted a post-it next to it. I've taken it down several times. He continues to paste it back up there. For a while, I thought he was somehow shutting the vents in the room to secretly have a laugh at my expense. Nope. Untrue. Apparently because we are on the first floor with two walls facing the outside with freezing cold temps, I'm going to have to suffer through this winter.

Let me back and up and say I'm not a fan of sleeping in multiple layers of clothes. With our current heating situation, I'm being forced to wear layers of clothing. Back in high school, I remember reading an article in Cosmo explaining how you will sleep better in just underwear, or better yet, completely naked. Because you don't have a tank top, T-shirt or pants pulling at you through the night, you will enjoy a better night's sleep. It works. You should try it.

So today as we are both getting ready for work and this pops on. I hear him say, "They should call me in on as an expert." According to the Today Show, 75% of men prefer it to be colder than women in the bedroom. Great. I get it. I prefer it a little cooler, too. Just not at 59 degrees. How about 62? I'll settle at 62 degrees.

I'm just hoping I don't get an electric blanket for Christmas.


Narm said...

It seems dumb to do in winter but if you get fans going it should help circulate the warm air. A house I lived in in college had the same issues so we put fans throughout the house to keep the air moving and it helped quite a bit.

Can you please post a picture of his note by the thermostat?

Allison M. said...

I tried, believe me. I keep getting a bad reflection from the front, shiny part of the thermostat. I take it down and he puts it back up. I get it, B.F.

Jason said...

Umm... you could always buy a portable heater, no?

Allison M. said...

Jason-- Yes, we have one, it's small and we fight over it. For some odd reason, I just think of those as fire hazards.

laura said...

yikes. i just heard on the channel 3 news that a couples spat about a thermostat resulted in a bullet hole in their tv. everything ok over there?