Meeting of the minds...eventually

Tuesday, December 11, 2007
It comes a time in every relationship where you take it to your "next" level. Now, the word "level" means something different to every person. For example, the concept of living together is big to some and small to others. Buying a dog, taking a vacation alone and meeting the parents are all levels within the relationship. Last but not least, there is the ultimate level -- introducing the parents to one another. (Insert dramatic music here.)

It hasn't happened yet, but it's well on its way at this point. Both sides are inquiring. Since we are in no way, shape or form on our way to getting married, I really don't have any particular interest in pulling the trigger. (I always associate the meeting of the parents after more important levels are achieved in the relationship... like a proposal. )

So, to take it off of my plate, I'm leaving it up for the B.F. to arrange and coordinate schedules. However, I think when it does happen, I should bring along a camera because I'm sure it will be interesting, especially if there's alcohol involved.