Painting -- check!

Monday, December 3, 2007
This past Saturday, the B.F. and I braved a joint project -- the painting of three walls. We both agreed that painting the entire apartment would be a huge job and one we didn't want to redo when it came time to move out. With that said, we decided to paint three accent walls to bring some color into our drab apartment. We are getting there. Slowly adding fixtures, decorations and new furniture. After this month, we should be well on our way to having an updated, Crate & Barrel-looking apartment with a new TV and stand. Who knows. We might even go crazy and add a new kitchen table to the place after we buy everyone on our list a present.

Before we even got started and before he laid down the drop cloth, he made me take an oath. Yep, that's right. An oath to not spill, splatter, throw or drip paint on the carpet or ceiling. It even started out with me raising a hand and reciting, "I, Allison M., will not get paint on the wall, ceiling...blah blah." You get the point.

He had to do the edges first to make sure I didn't get any paint over the tape he meticulously taped up. So while was he was doing the edges, I'd try and paint but he'd tell me to wait or "Allison, give me a minute to finish this. " Oh, I gave him a minute. I gave him like 20 as I looked up holiday decorations on the Internet and blasted my new favorite Britney Spears song from the computer. I did participate in our group project. Although, every time I was moving faster than him, I had to wait to move the drop cloth underneath where I was working to not "drip" any paint from the brush.

For your information, I didn't get paint on any of the walls. But the B.F. managed to have an "accident" on the ceiling with the roller and a small splatter on one of the other walls when he was painting the edges. Maybe I should have him take an oath next time.


Maureen said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one still blasting Britney Spears songs!