Survival of the fittest

Will your relationship make it through this holiday season? Is it worth it? These seem to be questions pondered by both parties as the season hits us in the next few weeks. Do you want to spend money on the girl/guy? How much are they worth? Do you look bad if you don't spend the same amount on each other? Are you outdoing one another in the gift exchanging?

In the past, I've generally always found myself trying to out do the person. Spend that much extra time or get that more expensive gift. Maybe I was making up in gifts what was lacking in the relationship?

Leaving the future of my love life up to IVillage, I sent this quiz to a few of my friends and took it as well. What a mistake that was! My friend Erica said, and I quote, "For the record, whoever made up that quiz should switch careers." Well said. But, I think it still brings up a good point (at least for the 25 seconds it takes you to get through it) to look at your own relationship and see where your areas of improvement lie. With everyone's busy schedules, it's easy to get wrapped up in our own lives and forget about our significant other.

So as a relationship expert (or at least someone who thinks they are) here are some ideas to reconnect with your significant other:
Maybe a surprise getaway like Mel tookwith her B.F.
Pick a movie the other person likes for movie night
A couples massage or spontaneous back rub
Go out with the other person's friends
A nice handwritten card (Yes, they still sell those)

OK --my Oprah moment has passed.