Bikes, helmets, oh my -- a day with the B.F.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Let's just say I don't deserve a cookie. I deserve a personal chef for a month to bake me cookies for what I did today. I went where not many women dare to go...on an outing of her B.F.'s interest. Gasp! I voluntarily went to the yearly bike show at the IX Center. The B.F. has a bike and I tend to ride it every so often. Most of the time I fear for my life, so I try and space out my trips on the back on his blue death ride.

I went, I saw and I conquered that show. I, no kidding, walked around and looked at everything from helmets to tires to gloves to clear glasses for when you ride at night. I even sat on a couple bikes, almost dropped them and then decided I'd want a Vespa before a motorcycle. (I asked the guy at the booth if they came in pink. He kind of looked at me strange and pointed to the color schemes I had to pick from -- none of those were pink or a cool, iridescent white color.) I decided against getting one.

Then, I saw the mother-of-all things at the bike show -- a see-through sequined tank top. I have to admit. I have never seen something quite like it in person. You know, you hear the rumors of bike week in Daytona with women who wear thongs with chaps and nipple tassels. But still, to see this article of clothing in person was quite shocking.

I grab it and blurt out, "What the hell is that?" The B.F. laughs and says, "That's what biker chicks wear." Then, this nice woman who was clearly more into biking from behind me says, "Honey, you wear a black bra under that." I pick my mouth up off the floor and I ask, "Wait, do you wear these?" She said she didn't, but the younger girls who are in better shape do. It wasn't that I was shocked that girls wear those trashy excuse for a shirt. But it was the women who I saw at the show who shouldn't be wearing it, and I could picture (I didn't want to) them throwing that white trash thing on.

Anyway, I did make it out of that place with a silver helmet. I really did want one that was more shimmery, but I have to take what I can get I guess. Hey -- at least my head will stay intact when we are crusing around this summer.

Seeing as I ventured with him to an event that is a huge interest of his, I don't want to hear him complaining if I ask him to partake in one of my interests. I think, as part of a couple, we should step out of our comfort zone and do what the other person wants for a change.

To all the boys out there, I know shopping with your girlfriend or seeing 27 Dresses with them isn't your ideal date, but it's what she wants to do -- so get with it. And to the girls, I just spent 3.5 hours at a bike show because that's what the B.F. wanted to do, so don't complain about going to watch the SuperBowl at the bar with his friends -- at least he invited you, right?


Joanna M said...

Kudos Allison - not sure I could've done it! The Harley store is bad enough but the entire IX center ... you deserve something!

BTW - 27 dresses was cute (but I saw it with a girlfriend.)