Birthday recap

Monday, January 21, 2008
When it's time to celebrate my birthday, I like to be one of those annoying people who enjoys a whole week of celebrating around their birth. Lucky for me, my big 2-5 was on a Friday so festivities kicked off on Thursday night with the work crew, then Friday for a dinner with the B.F. and then Saturday a night out at the bars with my college friends.

The B.F. did a great job. He asked a friend for a new restaurant recommendation.

Editor's note: For my big day, I said I didn't want any presents and just a nice dinner with him.

He listened, asked for someone's recommendations and we ended up at DANTE. I have been wanting to go there because I've heard great things about it so far. I was impressed with the staff, decor and more importantly...the wine list. (They have great food. I highly recommend it.)

Well, I had requested no presents. (Really. We had a busy and expensive holiday and I'm OK with the fact that my birthday gets the shaft because it's so close to Christmas.) He didn't listen, but he didn't listen in a good way. I've been blabbing about Wicked for months. How I want to go and how I'm not going to miss it. (I was laying it on thick with "you-better-get-tickets" kind of thick. I missed it the last time it was in Cleveland, so when I found out it was on its way back, you better believe it has been on my radar.

Needless to say he got the tickets and wants to go. I'm sure he's not really into going but he's suffering through it.

On Saturday, my friends and I ventured out to bars in Willoughby where they proceeded to get me repulsive shots, but I guess that's what friends are for, right?

So, turning 25 was great and here's to hoping my insurance goes down!


Narm said...

Sorry I didn't stay longer on Thursday - I was in need of a couch and a nap. Glad to see BF made it a good weekend - does this absolve him from his thermostat dominance?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

And as for the insurance myth, mine didn't go down dramatically until this year -- the year I turned 30.

Allison M. said...

No, Narm, that is the never ending Post-it. It's still there.

Thanks Mellie - I'm still going to give Allstate a call and try to lower my rates.

Momo said...

Happy belated! :)

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