Six month review

Thursday, January 31, 2008
We just passed our six month mark of living together. And, I'm alive to blog about it. As I think about all the things I've learned about him and boys in general, I feel like I could write a book about and put Ph.D next to my name -- even without having the damn degree. Screw it, I am an expert. Here are some key things I now understand about the male being and he understands about me.

1) Sometimes, boys just don't want to talk. And it doesn't mean they are mad at you, the TV or work.
2) Their guilty pleasure is reading their girlfriend's magazines, including US Weekly.
3) Can have an opinion about decorating if they are paying.
4) Don't understand a woman's need for her own closet or bathroom.
5) Yes, we do need all those shoes and earrings.
6) No, not all flat irons work like a ceramic one.
7) When I say I need five minutes, I really need 15 and it's 20 before I'm out the door -- deal with it or lie to me about the time.
8) There is an art to cleaning the kitchen. Get me out of it.
9) Locks work great.
10) I require a lot of alone time and attention -- difficult balance I know.
11) Men are always little boys at heart. They need their video games, big TVs and pranks.