TV never looked so good.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008
You know how guys don't understand girls and shopping? Well, girls don't understand the immense time it takes for a B.F. to purchase a TV.

For instance, boys to TVs are like girls to shoes. Girls can never have enough and the TV can't be big enough. I can't tell you how many times he moans, "You bought another pair of shoes!" Why yes, I bought another pair of shoes. Shoes can be the inspiration for a new outfit. Shoes make the outfit for that matter. Plus, I get many uses out of my shoes depending on which outfit I wear. What kind of inspiration does a TV give you? None!

With that said, the B.F. finally bought the TV of his dreams. After months of researching Plasma vs. LCD and increasing the size he wanted, he finally purchased a 46" Sony LCD from Circuit City. Really. I'm talking months of pining over the Sunday ads for Circuit City and Best Buy, asking friends for recommendations and even venturing into the store several times with and without me. (He doesn't like taking me because I ask too many questions. Surprise! Guys don't like to ask for help with directions or when buying electronics. And, did I mention he has minor panic attacks when making large purchases? Oh yes. He gets nervous, can't make a decision and even starts to sweat a little bit. It's just a TV I tell him. It doesn't matter. To him, I'm just the girlfriend.)

Anywho, he bought the TV and couldn't wait to get it home to start viewing the whole 12 HD channels that are available. I have to admit. The TV will look great when Sex and the City: The Movie comes out on DVD. I can't wait!

However, I do have a bone to pick with the writer's strike. From all the new TV buyers of the world, here is a plea to the big movie giants -- give the writers more money because I just bought a new TV and I don't want to just watch the Food Network or NBA basketball in HD.

Allison M.


Narm said...

TV's are quite possibly the most important possession a guy owns. It is the magical box that brings us sports whenever we need them. I think your TV to shoe analogy was dead on.

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