Give Up

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
Since it's that very important Wednesday of the Catholic religion, I thought it was fitting to take the idea of "giving something up" by translating it to my daily and exciting life. (A little self-reflection if you will.) What can I give up? My friend is giving up alcohol. Really. She's giving it up in the hopes of saving more money I think. I don't believe her -- she'll be out with my drinking in two weeks tops. A co-worker is giving up chocolate (I'd fail in one hour).

Here are some things I could give up, or at least try and cut down on:
-being late (no one likes a tardy person)
-cussing (I've been known to drop the f-bombs)
-disorganization (a constant battle between the BF and I)
-being a clothes whore (my credit cards would hate me)

And, more importantly, here are a few things the BF could give up or cut down on:
-being a clean whore (It's OK if soap is left in the sink. No one is going to die.)
-owning the TV and remote (my reality shows aren't that bad).
-riding the ass of other cars when they cut him off (he calls it defensive driving, but I think I'm going to die.)