Men, food and sex

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Lunch tables always bring up the greatest conversations. I remember in high school we would talk about the football game that night, what party we were going to and was it true if so-and-so was really hooking up with that freshman. Needless to say, as I get older, I find lunch table conversations more and more intriguing.

Take yesterday for example. During an hour long lunch break from a conference, our lunch table really dove deep into the intellectual mind of men, women and politics. Two men felt that having a delicious meal was better than your average sexual escapade.

Editor's note: I have no idea where this came from. I'm pretty sure it had nothing to do with any of the topics we were discussing -- More or less just the inter workings of 25-year-old minds.

Their reasoning was because you could recount your favorite last five meals a hell of a lot better than you could your last five partners. (I suggested they start setting their standards a little higher.) They really could though. Both of them could recite their favorite meals and had to think hard about their past partners. Although, they were both very passionate that their thinking would reverse if they bagged Heidi Klum. They said I didn't get it. "Girls don't get it." You are right. I don't get it.

The only comparison I can draw when thinking about sex and food is outfits and guys. I remember nights out with my girlfriends on the basis of what I wore. Weird, I know, but I have friends who "freelance" as paparazzi when we are out and about, so I always have a picture of our nights together. Plus, I can remember who we met and went home with based on what I wore. What? I said it was weird.


Aunt Mo said...

Glad I'm not the only who does that! Whenever someone asks me about a previous weekend and the details are fuzzy, my response is always "What was i wearing?"

I posed this question to the bf last night. His response: "What constitutes as good sex?" I guess when it comes to guys and sex the outcome is the same everytime, not so much with dinner.

Deutlich said...

It never ceases to amaze me how differently men and women think. Then again, they're just sticking their junk somewhere whereas we're taking something IN to our bodies.

I suppose that makes for some differences of opinion & thought.

walterlipman said...

I only, chicken nuggets, doritos, potatoes....only 4 things. Food never really is a top conversation for me. But I have my top 5 list of in and outs. The guys in this story either really love food, or have only slept with 3 girls, thus making it hard to have a top 5. (no offense to the guys)

Narm said...

As one of the guys in this discussion I feel like I should defend myself. It isn't so much a matter of if you put a steak and a naked girl in front of me I'd go for the steak. Rather, food has more of a lasting memory. Like Aunt Mo said - bad sex and good sex end the exact same way for a guy (in the fetal position and crying...right?) so we don't necessarily remember the best ones. But that steak I got from Mancy's in Toledo back in 06 was one of the greatest things that has EVER happened to me.

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, after all.