Random quote from my B.F. #2

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Every morning I'm able to see what the B.F. puts on before he heads out the door. I see if he's having a casual or client day based on what he's dressing in. We both had an early riser of a morning, so we barely spoke but jumped out of bed to get ready and brave the snow storm we had to drive through. As he was leaving, I see him with this terrible coat that I hate and always remind him of it.

Me: "B.F., if I had one piece of clothing of yours to throw out, it would be that coat." (It's a black, fitted distressed leather coat that hits him at his hip. Think American Eagle circa 1998 when everyone and their mother owned and loved that brand. It worked then, but not really cutting it right now.)

B.F: "Allison, if I had one article of clothing to throw out, I wouldn't know where to freaking start."

Our fashion differences will be other segment of posts.


Anonymous said...

I love that f-ing coat! And if it randomly disappears, I know where you keep your Uggs! All I need is one match...


Hot Coffee Girl said...

We were already plotting to throw flaming wads of paper in his office. You want us to aim for the coat?

Allison M. said...

Yes, burn the coat.