V-day -- What to get and not to get

Monday, February 11, 2008
I love Valentine's day for one reason, and one reason only -- chocolate-covered strawberries (CCS). As a kid, I always remember my dad buying them for my mom. I'm talking about gigantic CCS that I would secretly steal (not so sure how secret it was), but I would always want to eat them. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Now, that is a great gift example to get someone as long as they like that combo. Target already has its shelves stocked with gross candy and stuffed animals. If you are thinking about that getting your special someone something for this Hallmark holiday, please don't make any of the purchases below.

For girls:
Save the Care bears -- am I five? Five-year olds like stuffed animals. We liked it when our dads or uncles would win them at Cedar Point. However, we don't like it when our BF or boy toy gets them for us. Unless of course it has a designer purse attached to it -- that's the only time we like it.

Tickets to a game - Unless they are floor seats, we don't want them. Plus, we know it's your ploy to pretend it's about us, but really, you just wanted an excuse to go. And, maybe even get on the kiss cam with your arm candy.

Flowers -- OK, you can go both ways on this-- girls love 'em and hate 'em. Personally, they remind me of funerals and that "oops-I-forgot-to-give-you-something-so-here's-some-flowers." And, boys, skip on the roses -- anyone can pull that off. Pick something else out. This is a great way to let her know that you do listen to her, even when she doesn't think you are. And, I think roses are pretty damn expensive anyway so get something like calla lillies or tulips.

For guys:
No stuffed animals. If that isn't a way to tell your BF he's a wuss, I don't know what is. And, if he likes them, dump his ass.

Boxers -- Girls like hearts, patterns and sayings on their underwear (Hello, PINK by VS) but not so much with guys. Other than V-day, how many times do you really see heart boxers?

CD of special songs -- Unless it's a funny joke, don't do this either. Maybe buy him a CD he's been wanting or an iTunes download card, but don't burn a compliation of Celine, Whitney and Mariah and give it to him and expect him to like it.

Framed cutsy pictures -- Uhhh no. Unless you are in high school you can still do this, but this is a stage you desperately need to grow out of if you haven't already. Unless you were planning on hanging a few pics of you and the B.F., this might be one you want to skip or plan on never seeing it displayed to the public.

Here's what both sexes can do:

Dinner -- Either make it or go out to a new place you've been wanting to try, or maybe even a place that's special to both of you. Who doesn't love a bottle of wine and amazing food!

CCS-- As long as they aren't allergic to either ingredient, these are a definite winner in my book.

Liquor -- Nothing says "I love you" more than his or her favorite bottle of liquor or wine. I'm serious. I love wine.

DVD/Movies -- It doesn't have to be a sappy love story, but you can pick up his or her new fave movie from Best Buy or Target.

Perfume/Cologne -- Warning: This has the potential to turn out horribly wrong. This is only a safe option if you know what scents your significant other likes. Your best bet is to hit up Sephora or Nordstrom, buy the fragnance and make sure they include a tester for your honey.


Maureen said...

Here's another "ify" one: Lingerie. I haven't been brave enough to give anyone the gift of me in an overpriced lacy "outfit" but I know lots of girls who have and received mixed responses. Some of my friends have gotten "what are you wearing" or "why do you have that on" and some got a great response.

Allison M. said...

As long as it doesn't scream "I should be at Christie's" or it's from that trashy Ambience, I think you can find some relative tasteful pieces to end up on your floor.

Narm said...

Don't get me wrong - I love lingerie - for like 15 seconds.

I don't think girls really need to get the guy anything. Maybe just do something nice for him - but I don't see a need for a lot of money or big event. I never really thought of Valentine's Day as going both ways - more just an excuse for girls to get presents.

Momo said...

I'm so anti-Valentines Day, even when I had the boyfriends who'd send me the roses and take me to dinner, etc. etc. etc. Just stressed me out. And seriously -- do you know how much they hike up the prices on a dozen roses just b/c it's Vday? Ridic!

Surprise me with flowers another day.

Valentine's Day is lame.

Jason said...

I'm with Nom on the lingerie thing... its cool, but its coming off in less time than it took you to put it on, so why bother?

Allison- I want your take, what about a gift to the place where a girl gets her hair done... for like a cut and a color? I know it can backfire, "What are you saying my hair looks like shit?" but at the same time you guys spend a TON of money on your hair. Your thoughts?

Momo- Its S.ingles A.wareness D.ay... and I agree that it sucks, but I buy into it as much as the next guy has to.

Allison M. said...

Um, I don't think that can backfire because it's $100 less than we'd be spending. Plus, if it's a spa salon, you can use the gift card for anything -- waxing, massages, hair cut or color.