3 topics you don't address with your boyfriend

In all relationships, girls tend to think it's a great idea to completely open up and share our most inner thoughts. Stop right there. I believe there are a few things you should never really talk about with your boyfriend. Why? Because it can only end badly. We all might have had these discussions in the past and been badly burned. Take a quick read at this article from Men's Health -- 5 things men should never say to women. Let's learn from our mistakes this time boys and girls.

1) His family
Yes, don't talk about this family, no brainer right? Don't say what you think about his second cousin, dad or his sister's husband -- even if he's venting, it's not your place. It doesn't pay to be honest in this department. Why? Because you will never ever get the right statement out of your mouth. Kind of like the question, "Does my butt look big in these jeans?"

2) Your weight
I always "think" I'm going to be working out, losing weight and eating healthier. I talk a big game -- I really do. And, the B.F. is quick to point out how "picky" I am when it comes to eating whole wheat bread, but I love making brownies, too. (Really, I just love eating the mix.) He always questions how I can be so adament about hating white bread, but I'm eating brownies filled with white sugar. Then, I get mad that he's calling me out because I do try and avoid white bread, but give me a freaking break on the brownies! So, after thinking a little bit about this, I can have my freaking cake and eat it too. I choose to be choosy when it comes to my diet -- I'm just not going to harp on him for his.

3) Money
This topic can get a little fuzzy. The B.F. and I decided early on to split everything completely down the middle from rent to all of our utilities. We have a general idea of how much we make, but we don't really tell each other what to spend our money on.

Here are my major vices: shoes, purses and make-up. I tend to invest more in purses and make-up because it lasts longer and is better for my skin.

Boys are different. My B.F. goes shopping a couple times a year and that's stretching it. For his birthday and Christmas, I typically buy him clothes because I know he doesn't buy himself them. It's worked out quite well.

I think as long as we pay what we agreed on, I will continue to shop at Sephora and Nine West until my little heart's content. Maybe I'll even head there this weekend. I need some new NARS bronzer.


Alexa said...

it is totally ok to rationalize spending on staple items of ones wardrobe.


those are items that can be used over and over and over again. they are an investment.

shop on allison shop on

~Little Bull~ said...

Umm...I totally agree about the family thing...yikes. Never tell your BF that his dad got drunk one night and told you that you'll never be good enough for him and Never tell him how pissed off that made you. He'll always side with them. ugh.
Anything that betters your skin is a "go for" in my book...

Allison M. said...

Alexa-- I love eluxury.com

Little Bull-- I hope the dad doesn't remember what he said. That's a tough one.