Things She Still Hates About You

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
The B.F. gets Men's Health magazine and I'm in love with it. They have some great stories written by women that I can typically relate to. As I was watching the end of American Idol last night, I was flipping through April's edition and came across this article -- 8 Things She Hates About You. I could relate to every single, I mean, every single point the writer made and I laughed pretty hard. My personal favorites are annoyance #2,3 and 5, which I've probably eluded to here and here in this blog. Here are my additional comments on my top annoyances. Feel free to share yours!

#2 You ask how much our new haircut or handbag costs...
The only reason you should be asking us these questions is if you plan on buying us a gift card to our favorite salon as a surprise present. Please don't ask so you can compare the price of your haircut to ours -- we dye, dry and style ours. We also like to pay money to continue to look good.

#3 You talk to us as if we're one of the guys.
We are not one of the guys. Do you have sex with your guy friends? No, I didn't think so. I like my last name. It's short, sweet and a lot of people refer to me by that. Every once in awhile it's OK for the B.F. to do it, but he surpasses his limit after one or two times.

#5 You stop trying.
Never stop trying because you will find yourself to be single quicker than you can say her last name. Even after living together or dating for a number of years, it's easy to become comfortable with each other and forget that lovey-dovey feeling of your first couple dates with him or her. Romance 101 boys. I'm not talking about a bouquet of lilies every day or chocolate-covered strawberries. Maybe your romantic gesture is as simple as starting dinner before she gets home, a surprise inexpensive dinner at a favorite restaurant or watching one of her top movie picks on a Friday night.


~Little Bull~ said...

I'm sitting here, twirling my hair (yes you're not the only one with an obsession) and I'm loving every one of those!!! I read the article and I cannot agree more. Especially with the "you stop trying" one or the "you speak of the future vaguely" that ticks me off. It's like am I invisible??

Alexa said...

this comment has nothing to do with this post : )

so screw the little kid that drew on your car. bastard.

does goo gone get crayon on cars out? haha.

still, that sucks hard!