Do you hear what I hear?

Thursday, March 27, 2008
I have selective hearing. My friends love to point it out to me. Actually, they always point it out to me. When I'm talking on the phone, they can tell when I lose interest because I give short "yea's, uh-oh and oh-my's." They catch me, yell and proceed to talk but I end up forgetting what they are telling me. Unless it's pertinent to what I'm doing in the next few days, I will definitely forget it. Actually, there's a very solid possibility that I will completely forget it, tell them they never told me anything and then they can recite the exact day we talked and what we talked about. Proving me wrong once again and that I have a bad case of selective hearing.

This brings me to my latest conversation with the B.F. I don't remember exactly what we were talking about in the kitchen the other day. But, here's a preview of how it went..sort of.

Me: Asking some important question that I can't remember now.
B.F.: Answering me in a vague way.
Me: Asking some important question again because I didn't like his answer.
B.F.: Making a noise like, "Rrr. Rrr. Rrr. That is all I hear when you talk. Rrr Rrr Rrr."
Me: Baffled then laugh. "Shutup asshole."