Jealousy - that bitch

Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Jealousy is a bitch. It gets you when you least expect it. We've all done the big no-no's -- looked in his wallet, checked his phone, fantasized crazy stories about where he was and what was he doing. I've even known girls who memorized their BF's voicemail pin and listened to messages. (What can I say? My friends are still great though.)

OK -- enough about girls and our crazy minds. What about the men? What about their jealous nature? Girls always get the bad reputation when boys are just as bad.

Example #1:
Couple goes out to a bar. Couple separates throughout the night, mingling with new people. Boy jumps at the chance to save a damsel in distress when she's talking to a guy he doesn't know.

For those boys out there that aren't aware, just because your girlfriend is speaking with another guy doesn't mean she wants to do the horizontal mambo. Can't a girl socialize? Plus, it's extremely unattractive for a guy to run up, interrupt conversation and make his presence "known" by standing there. We came with you. We know you are here. Have some self confidence. You are going home with her.

If the guy proceeds to bother us, we were all in college, went on spring breaks and have dealt with pushy, gross guys. There's a science to this boys -- it's our girl friends. Girls have this innate ability to jump in and help one another when we are in need to get a creepster away from us.

Example #2:
A very intoxicated guy comes up to your G.F. several times throughout the night. Then, he proceeds to sit down next to both of you or stand by you and your friends.

Don't fret and don't get macho either. Introduce yourself and ask him to leave. If he's too drunk to speak or stand, this is where real savvy girls come in. By now, you've probably seen this guy fall once or twice, try the same thing with other girls or spilled his beer on you. So, you probably know who he is with. Find those guys and get this situation handled. Or, you can always try my favorite resource -- the bouncer. These guys are your friends. They will take care of drunks so you, the B.F., doesn't have to and ruin the entire night.

As a girl, a sense of protection is always appreciated. You just don't want to be known as the Mike Tyson of the group. Liquid confidence is great and empowering. Use it at your own discretion.