Swing away

Monday, March 3, 2008
Golf clubs and men -- what is the connection?

Because in Cleveland we get a glimpse here and there of warm weather (anything above 43 degrees mind you), the B.F. has been all about his golf clubs. He went to go check out a new driver and has even been following one on eBay. He's been swinging it in the kitchen, living room and dining room since Saturday -- is that necessary? Then, he decides to take it one step further and pretend he's going to hit me with it -- seriously, this is an accident waiting to happen.

Don't get me wrong. I can't wait to bust out a new pair of sandals, but I sure as hell don't go walking around in them in the apartment either. But really, men can always swing them. Just walk to the door, swing, walk a couple steps to the right, swing, walk closer to the TV, swing. Then, he even starts to talk to himself -- as if he's picturing himself on a green putting on hole 5. This can go on for at least 30 minutes before he's bored with it. I'm trying to think of what women do that slightly compares to it --I can't. They are in a league of their own on this one.


coffeygirlb said...

Hey girl. I just found your blog through 'a girl must shop'. I love your site, it's cute and pretty and i dig the subject matter! Let me fill you in on a secret though. I will soon be celebrating my three year wedding anniversary and we are still disagreeing over the decor of our house:) Somethings just never change:) But it sure is fun trying.

Narm said...

Wow - gotta say I thought this post was going in a different direction from the title.

As for guys - we will always, ALWAYS do this. I still do the countdown in my head before throwing something in the trash from the couch, "5 seconds left, he goes left, he goes right, he puts up the shot - ITS GOOD!"