Bad example of living together

Monday, April 7, 2008
Holy shit. I hope, really I do, that by the time this postcard reached Post Secret you left the bastard and took some of his stuff too.

I'm all for hiding "personal" items between the two of you, but hiding your stuff to make it appear that you don't live there? Come on honey. You are better than that. It leads me to a bigger thought though. You must not have a lot of stuff, right? Clothes? Shoes? Pictures? I mean, how can you hide all your belongings in enough time. Where does he put them? Is your storage place that big? He must be an expert packer. It would take my B.F. days to make it look like I don't live there.

I guess I'm just baffled because I'm thinking where my B.F. would put all my stuff.

My advice: Break up with the freak. It will save you oodles of money in future therapy.


Deutlich said...

SERIOUSLY! because, woah. How .. lame of him.

Karen said...

So I was definitely not the only one thinking, What the effing mother eff is she still doing with him????
Where does all her stuff go?
I kind of wish I could watch the process upon a surprise visit.