Bad relationship of the week

I've been thinking about this since the story broke last week. The bad relationship of the week is anyone and everyone in a polygamist relationship, especially if you are located in Texas.

What the F are you people thinking? I have a boat load of questions for these women and men in polygamous relationships because I'm completely fascinated by this lifestyle. I'm also very inquistive about the Amish lifestyle, too.
Why do you wear 1800s clothing?
Why do you wear your hair like that?
How long do you really think you will be able to live with 50+ people in one house when it's clearly illegal to have multiple wives?
How can you be surprised when the state takes away your kids for living a plural lifestyle? (I could kick the PR person who invented the term.)

You can't honestly think that you are in a healthy relationship. Right?

I have to say...I'm a huge fan of the show Big Love. I can't help it. I can't wait for the new season on HBO.


Anonymous said...

They polygamists are NOT Amish, I must correct. While both dress historically, these two groups have nothing to do with each other, and one will not consider the other true Christian. Amish are monogamist and a splinter from Mennonites, and shun more things than even most FLDS followers.

Allison M. said...

Jersey- I'm very aware that polygamists aren't Amish. I just find both groups of people very interesting because of their lifestyles. That's all.

Nachi said...

Those groups of people interest me too. Like WHY do they think that's right??