Cheaters never win Part II (even if you are a girl)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Narm in the previous post about guys cheating on girls brought up a great point. What do guys do when their girlfriends decide to cheat? If you were Little Bull's boyfriend, she has a number of ways to get back at you including tapping into your e-mail accounts to achieve her revenge. But what about the guys? What do they do? I don't know if I could see a guy bashing in his girlfriend's headlights or lighting her car on fire.

I asked Narm to see his response. He said, "I'd call her a bitch, grab my boys for a drinking fest then fuck the first girl I could find on W.6th." Point taken. Narm doesn't want you back at all.
I asked another co-worker and he said, "It already happened, and I'd still do nothing but kick her out." I asked my B.F. and he said, "I'd burn your Uggs then cheat on you." I think he meant the same thing Narm meant.

For the girls who have cheated before, what did your B.F.s do? Anything to seek revenge on your ass?


Mel said...

He found a way to contact my prospective suitors and be all "mafia" on them to the point where they were warned not to talk/date/sex me.

He never was that intimidating to me (I obviously cheated on him and never feared him). But he had balls-out power that freaked guys out enough to NEVER speak to me again. F'd up, really. I didn't learn about it until YEARS later.

I like to take the guys route though, if I find out someone cheated on me -- I just sleep with one of his best friends. It's all vindictively satisfying and whore-y.

Alexa said...

i've tried like 5 times to comment on this post and nothing ends up working.

all i can say is cheaters suck. i have been on both sides of the situation. and all i can say is karma's a little bitch, and whoever is the cheater always gets it in in the end ten folds worse.