Dinner talk

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut. Only girls can understand the idea of "growing out your hair" -- guys can't. So, I've been trying to grow out my hair or at least get away from the constant short hair I've had forever (see picture).

Well, I can't really stand it anymore. My hair is heavy, feels waxy and takes forever to dry. So, I'm pretty sure I'm going to cut an inch or two off.

But, I ask a few people for their opinion and everyone thinks it looks fine. I ask the BF tonight as we are eating take out for dinner.

BF: Let's watch Batman Begins tomorrow night.
Me: I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and won't be home until later.
Me: What do you think of my hair? Should I cut it or leave it? (Thinking he'd be able to give me some advice and an honest opinion.)
BF: Just don't cut it too short because it could make your butt look big.
Me: What the F! How can cutting your hair short do that?
BF: I'm just saying. Sometimes when girls cut their hair their ass looks big.

Just laugh. That's all I did.


Deutlich said...

a) men are weird
b) who says a big butt isn't a good thing??? I'm so confused.. I come from a line up of folks that are fiercely proud of big booties
c) if a dude can't handle a big booty he's weird... sorry :(
d) i'm a bit tipsy - while I stand by what I said there's a good chance I could've done it more eloquently.. or something?

Alexa said...

oh, boys.

i think that if you muster through a couple of more smaller trims you would end up being happy with the longer results.

i recently chopped my hair off and i kinda regret it. sigh.

Mel said...

LMFAO! I don't even know if my bf noticed I was on a salon trip tonight! I'm currently growing my hair out from a fauxhawk. LOL

I just had my first fix-it cut (ahem, and a pedicure) while I wait for it to grow out as well. It looks SOOO much better! Cutting while growing is so important! I almost looked like a gym teacher. Almost. :-)

Allison M. said...

Mel -LMFAO. I'm behind the web lingo. What the F does that mean?
I've also had a faux hawk before --just one part of my hair though. She's still my good friend and cuts my hair to this day. It was the "aveda" thing to do (having one tuft of hair standing up).

deutlich -- I have really big calves too.

alexa - short hair rules

Maureen N said...

Keep growing it out! I've never seen you with longer hair.

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