Friday Fodder

Friday, April 4, 2008
I'm a news junkie to say the least. I read everything from CNN to PerezHilton to NY Times to USA Today and tons of blogs. Occasionally, an interesting article will come across that is directly related to what the B.F. and I have been fighting/laughing/yelling over. Today, I see this via CNN -- Six tips to a sexy bedroom. I forwarded this over because we are in a battle over purchasing a new mattress and bedroom set because neither one of us really want to pay for it. (I know, I know. Grow up, you are probably thinking. I am grown up and will make a decision soon. This just costs money. Lots of money. Have you priced out bedroom furniture lately? Holy shit.)

I forward this link over to him and here is his response.

Allison's bedroom needs:
(1) new f-ing bed
(1) new f-ing bedroom set
(1) new f-ing TV stand that matches the bedroom set
Numerous pieces of wall art/decor
(1) hook to hang her bathrobe in on the closet

He referred to it as my room. See that? I'll update when I decide. Case closed.