Name your deal or deal breaker.

Thursday, April 17, 2008
A reader and co-worker forwarded me this article from reporter John Campanelli from the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday.

When we start dating someone, we all have a list of traits we absolutely won't stand for in a guy or girl. For me, I'm not into smokers, womanizers, guys with no close group of friends, a guy with no career aspirations or someone who isn't comfortable in large groups of people. Non-social guys are a big no-no in my book. They don't mix with my crowd of peeps or personality type.

In this article, it's actually refreshing to read a man's opinion and he speaks with a woman who talks about her "deal breakers." He even interviews a relationship expert weighs in on some common "deal breakers" --

"While deal-breakers vary from person to person and relationship to relationship, there are a few universal ones, says Marshall:

• When you are working harder than the other person, always making the calls, setting up the dates, fixing the problems -- deal-breaker.

• When you find yourself preoccupied with the future because the present is unbearable ("Things will be great as soon as he gets a job," "She just needs a vacation and she'll be in the mood") -- deal-breaker.

• When the other person keeps projecting or casting you in roles ("You were checking out that guy," "I know you didn't call me last night because you went to the strip club with your friends") -- deal-breaker."

So, readers, name your deal breaker(s).


Mel said...

1. Kids with multiple baby-mommas
2. Men in their 30s (and beyond)who still do whippets
3. White furniture with brass accents
4. Someone that keeps me waiting

Allison M. said...

OH yeah, good call.
1. Men over 32
2. Men with crazy exs that won't leave them alone.
3.Men who are terrifed of killing spiders I don't want to.

surviving myself said...

1) Women with flat asses.

yeah, that's about it.

maureen said...

1. Men who take longer to get ready than I do.
2. Men with no career aspriations.
3. Men who frequent strip clubs ( a friend dated a guy who was at Christy's at least once a week - HELL NO!).
4. Someone who refuses to fly.
5. "I wouldn't vote for a woman president." - an ex said this in front of my parents. Deal broken.

Alexa said...

i agree with a deal breaker being if a guy doesn't have a close group of friends.

i actually think about that with girls too. if a girls doesn't have a long time stable list of girlfriends there are some serious personality issues there.

another deal breaker for me with boys is short sleeved button downs. i DESPISE them. also, white tennis shoes with jeans. yuck.

Allison M. said...

surviving -- you are easy to please.
maureen -- I second the strip clubs. I hate them
alexa - I am completely with you. If a girl doesn't have a close group of friends, it means bad business.

Michelle & the City said...

great post idea!

1. guys with kids. not going there.
2. guys who don't want kids. i do, someday.
3. guys who don't get along with my family and friends.
4. guys that are blatantly disrespectful to women

BloodRedRoses said...

mine are pretty similar to yours!
- Can NOT be a smoker
- MUST get along with my family and friends
- MUST have some sort of career/life goals. I don't care if he doesn't achieve it right away, but he's gotta be driven/motivated by something!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Hm, dealbreaker- when men don't like their mothers.